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by Saphir

Saphir décapant for stripping leather shoes from all dyes and applied finishes.

Saphir Décapant is the perfect product if you are looking to re-dye leather using Saphir Teinture Francaise leather dye. Please note this is not a leather cleaner and will take off most if not all previously applied colouring, waxes and other finishes. If you are looking for a more all-purpose leather cleaner that will take off old or synthetic shoe polish we recommend Saphir Renomat or Saphir Médaille d'Or natural cleaner instead.

Does best: Removing factory applied dye and finishes
Also great at: -
Most used for: Preparation to (re) dye leather
Combine with: Saphir Teinture Francaise leather dye

What is this product good for?

Mirror shining

View our 5-step shoe cleaning guide for a complete description of each step and the associated products.

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