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Shoe stretchers

Our shoe stretchers are made of hardwood and are ideal for removing painful spots in your shoes. Using specific pressure points you can target the painful spots individually without stretching your entire shoe. A shoe stretcher is, ideally, used combined with a leather stretch spray to increase effectiveness.
  • Dasco Shoe stretcher
    Dasco Shoe stretcher

    Shoe stretcher


    Dasco Two-Way Wood Stretcher A beautifully grained hardwood shoe stretcher to remove painful and pinching spots in your shoes. The single sho...

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  • Tarrago Expander spray
    Tarrago Expander spray

    Expander spray


    Tarrago expander spray (125 ml). Are your sneakers or shoes a bit too tight? Then this spray might be for you. This spray helps you shorten the bre...

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Shoe Stretchers

When I start about that single pair of shoes that never got to fit well and you eventually gave or threw away, you probably now have a pair of shoes in mind. But what if I tell you that it might have worked, if you did use the right tools? This is where our wooden shoe stretcher comes in. Whenever your shoe pinches on certain spots or squeezes so much that it’s not comfortable to wear them; try a pair of shoe stretchers. Place the attachments that come with the shoe stretcher in place so it will cover the area that discomforts or hurts your foot and enlarges in.

How to use

Place the shoe stretcher with attachments of choice into your shoes. Turn the round wheel on the back of the stretcher to expand the shoe stretchers lengthwise until it clamps between the heel and nose of the shoe, but do not apply too much pressure on the shoes. Turn the hook to expand the stretcher in width. Gradually turn up the pressure until you are happy with the results. Furthermore, keep your shoes in room temperature levels. How long it takes to successfully stretch your shoes depends on the leather type and shoe model. It is advisable to have a look at your shoes often to check the progress the wooden shoe stretchermakes.