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About us

Your shoes show you care

At The Shoe Care Shop, we care about and for shoes. With a small team of shoe enthusiasts, we dedicate ourselves to shoe care and shoe shining. We have been specialising in shoe maintenance for over 12 years and only sell the best products from brands such as Saphir Médaille d'Or. Not only do we sell these products, but we also use them ourselves every day. In our workshop and showroom in Amsterdam, our experts have already polished more than 2000 pairs of shoes for customers. Therefore, the guides and product information are also written from our personal experiences.

Happy to help

Personal service

We may be an online shop but we believe that a personal approach makes shopping online much more pleasant and the chance of finding exactly what you need much higher. That is one of the reasons that, in addition to our webshops, we have also opened a physical showroom in Amsterdam. Are you in the neighbourhood and want to drop by to see a particular product? Send us a message via our contact form, and we will make sure that the product is ready for you in our showroom. If you want to simply say hi and have a cup of coffee our doors are of course also open.


Here at The Shoe Care Shop, we try to operate our business while keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. We do this by selecting and producing products that have a low impact on the environment and are made with natural ingredients and materials. We also ship our orders using mostly recycled cardboard boxes and prefer to use recycled paper above plastic to wrap individual products in. And of course, preserving shoes is also a form of sustainability. These are just some examples of how we try to cause as little damage to the environment as we can. You can read more about sustainability here.

The Shoe Care Shop

Our office

Johannes Vermeerplein
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 2611 746

Please contact us before your visit to make an appointment. Looking to buy a specific product? Make sure to let us know.