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Women shoe trees and bootshapers

Our women shoe trees and boot shapers allow your shoes to last longer. Boot shapers and shoe trees prevent wrinkles and cracks in leather shoes. Boot shapers also allow boots to stand up more easily.

  • Dasco Boot shapers
    Dasco Boot shapers

    Boot shapers - gold


    Luxurious boot shapers in black design. These plastic bootshapers from Dasco have a practical handle, which enables you to remove the shapers easil...

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  • The Shoe Care Shop Cederwood travel shoe trees
    The Shoe Care Shop Cederwood travel shoe trees
    The Shoe Care Shop

    Cedarwood travel shoe trees


    Wooden shoe trees with spring. These trees adapt easily to your shoes because of the spring. Perfect for business trips and vacation. Combining the...

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  • The Shoe Care Shop

    Boot shapers - black


    Luxury boot trees 32 cm long.These plastic tensioners ensure that your boots remain in optimal condition. Thanks to the design of the tensioners, t...

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Ladies, pay attention! Keep your shoes beautiful with woman trees or boot shapers

You probably recognise this, you have bought a beautiful pair of smooth leather or suede boots and wore them a couple of times, but then that moment comes. You take off your shoes and put them away, the entire shaft of the boot falls to one side and wrinkles the leather. You wonder if this is bad for your boots, but that’s just the way it is, so you leave it this way. But ladies, be aware; this treatment is really bad for the leather and the boot will lose its original fit. Folded leather discolours and dries out faster; also the adhesion will start to look shabby. This is very easy to prevent with the use of boot shapers. The bootshapers make sure the boot will stay in the same shape as when being worn and prevents from losing its delicate fit. Besides, the leather or suede stays in great shape for much longer and also it is easier to take care of your boots when a boot shaper is inside. Applying shoeshine products or a suede spray is much easier to execute.

Which kinds of woman trees and boot shapers do we have?

Our shoe trees for women come in two versions. On the one hand, we have the much lighter travel trees that are easier to take with you. On the other hand we have the luxurious cedar wood shoe trees for women to keep your leather or suede shoes in perfect shape, absorb moisture and minerals and give a fresh scent of cedar wood to the shoe. Our boot shapers come in a golden plastic version and the boot trees are made of beechwood. Both make sure that the boots remain in their original shape and fit so the leather can easily recover from use.